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Who we are

Rupert Baynes is a landscape design studio that creates gardens which are experiential and evocative.

Our landscapes speak to their locality, they draw inspiration from experience and memory to create spaces of substance.

We believe gardens should be emotive, they should resonate.

Emphasis is given to dualities: robust materials are countered with textural foliage; light is balanced by shadow.

Order / chaos

Man-made / organic

Landscape and architecture.

We see that opposing forces can create something special when they meet in the middle.  


What we do


We provide landscape design services from our initial consultation through to detailed design specification, and finally, managing construction. We work collaboratively and as each project is different, our process is always informed by our client’s needs.

We have a series of essential steps we follow to ensure the best outcome for each space.

01 Consultation

We begin by understanding the wants and needs as well as examining the nuances of each site, before creating a tailored scope of works.

Once we undertake a full site analysis, we commence with a schematic design, or concept.

We conduct our own research, investigating all possible solutions (even those that that may be a little unexpected).

02 Landscape design

We conceive the style, language and layout of each garden space. Our approach is guided by our expertise in design and horticulture, our understanding of the brief and the context of each site. Our aim is always to create something that is not only crafted and evocative, but functional and sustainable.

During this stage, we’ll provide presentation materials with accompanying imagery and renders to communicate our intent.

03 Detailed design and specification

Our completed design development package is the landscape master plan. It includes a surface and layout plan, planting plan, services plan and detailed drawings. A specifications schedule is incorporated according to the requirements of each project .

We are also experienced in the submission of landscape plans for council planning applications and can facilitate the appointment of any consultants that may be required including arborists and surveyors.

04 Management

We are passionate about what we do, so we love to see our projects through from concept to completion.

This may mean sourcing or procuring plants and materials, or even helping appoint the right contractors for construction.

We can assist with the tender process and provide recommendations of our preferred partner suppliers and also provide ongoing horticultural services, such as tree reports, management plans, maintenance recommendations and irrigation evaluation.

If you’d like to talk to us about a new project, or want to know more about Rupert Baynes, please get in touch at hello@rupertbaynes.com


Our Blog

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